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The Intergas Shop is a specialist online merchant who stock and supply Intergas boilers, Intergas spare parts and the very best heating controls and accessories for the Intergas range of boilers.

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Intergas boilers feature a two-in-one double high efficiency aluminium heat exchanger which is extremely robust and uses inset copper pathways to prevent heating system corrosion. With none of the common parts that fail on normal Combi Boilers, the Intergas Xclusive and ECO RF models come as standard with an industry leading 10 year warranty, with 7 & 6 year warranties available on the Intergas Xtreme, HRE & Intergas Rapid Plus models. Intergas System Boilers have the advanced ability of controlling the central heating input and flow temperature separately to that of the hot water, which means faster recovery of hot water cylinders and improved central heating efficiency.  All Intergas boilers are designed for a 20-year service life and only have 4 moving parts, so you can soon understand why the Intergas boiler brand is growing very popular amongst heating professionals and their customers alike. Have a look at some of the Intergas Case Studies to see how robust and diverse Intergas boilers really are.

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Model Reference:: 074687

Xclusive 36 Boiler Controller PCB (074114)

Intergas ECO RF Boiler Controller PCB (074687) - Brand New & Genuine Intergas Spares @ The INTERGAS Shop

Price £465.60
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