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Canetis Combi SuperFlow 50 - The Canetis Combi SuperFlow 50 gives combi boilers exceptionally higher and hotter hot water flow rates than you would normally obtain from a combi boiler. See our description and video below for more details.

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Canetis Combi SuperFlow 50 Litre Kit

Canetis Combi SuperFlow 50 box contains:

  • 1x Combi SuperFlow 50 Litre Store (Cylinder Dimensions 470mm Ø x 620mm High)

If fitting the Canetis Combi SuperFlow 50 to an Intergas combi boiler, we recommend using the following products (available to buy from our online shop) to make the system work:

  • 1x Honeywell evohome Connected Modulation Pack (ATP951M3118)
  • 1x Honeywell evohome Hot Water Kit (ATF500DHW)
  • 1x Intergas Solar Changeover Kit (090347)
  • 1x Honeywell 3 Port Diverter Valve (V4044C1288)
  • 1x Altecnic 15mm Thermostatic Mixing Valve (CA-100822)

How does a Combi SuperFlow work?

  • 1. The Combi SuperFlow is directly heated by the boiler to above 60 degrees C (just before peak hot water demand).
  • 2. A hot tap is opened and mains cold water enters the Combi SuperFlow (via the primary indirect coil).
  • 3. The mains water leaves the Combi SuperFlow hotter than 30 degrees C.
  • 4. Mains water leaving the Combi SuperFlow is blended to 30 degrees C using a Thermostatic Mixing Valve.
  • 5. The blended water enters the combi boiler at 30 degrees C.
  • 6. The combi boiler increases the water temperature to the boilers hot water set point (up to 55°C is possible)

When used with an Intergas combi boiler, the Combi SuperFlow 50 will significantly improve hot water flow rates (Intergas combi boiler model dependant). This means a smaller combi boiler can be used to give larger hot water flow rates - especially good when restricting factors such as small gas supply, small heating load or space restrictions may mean a larger combi boiler or storage combi is not feasible.

Combi SuperFlow 50 also has the ability to have a secondary return pump fitted, to eliminate issues with long draw off runs and combi boilers. Combi SuperFlow can also be upgraded to use small and lightweight DC solar panels, allowing solar energy to be used to pre-heat the store during summer months instead of the gas boiler.

Feature overview of Canetis Combi SuperFlow 50:

  • No need for G3 registration
  • No un-vented cylinder kit necessary
  • Overcomes flow rate issues associated with combi boilers
  • Secondary return pump can be used to remove long draw off periods
  • Reheat time of 5-10 minutes
  • Space efficient installation verses storage combis
  • Reduces gas consumption
  • Reduces wasted heat when compared to 200 litre cylinder standing losses
  • Uses patented pre-heat technology
  • Can be fitted with AC or DC immersion heater to use 'excess' or free generated electricity

If you require further information about the Canetis Combi Superflow 50, please contact us.


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